Cambridge University, Madingley,

Postgraduate Building Conservation course

Tutor and lecturer

  1. Tour of Cambridge churches.
  2. Stained glass and windows.
  3. Georgian architecture.
  4. Timber-framed buildings and Domestic building development.
  5. Surveying historic buildings.
Education Projects

The Architectural Association
School of Architecture

Postgraduate Building conservation course

  1. Previous First-Year Tutor, now guide and lecturer.
  2. History and development of the English landscape,
    feudalism and settlements.
  3. Medieval subjects.
  4. Building stones.
  5. Researching and investigating historic buildings.
  6. Churches, 2-day church tour of Rutland and Northamptonshire.
  7. Timber framed buildings and Domestic building development.
  8. Conservation Statements and Management Plans.
Education Projects
Chartered, Registered and Conservation-Accredited architect
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